Home Birth Supply List

Many of these things you already have on hand. It's recommended that you have everything ready one month before your due date/range.

Clean Sheets - Two sets. One goes on the bed over a plastic sheet for the birth. The other set goes on the bed after the birth. Place those in a bag and label.

Plastic Sheet - used to cover your mattress to protect from stains and wet. should be strong enough to kneel on and not rip.

Underpads - these are also known as chuks. You can purchase them from most big box and drug stores and home health supply stores. They are wet-proof These are put under the mother wherever she is out of the tub to catch fluids. A visual check of fluids helps assess fetal well being.

Firm Mattress or Futon for land birth.

4x4 sterile gauze pads - one dozen

Clean natural oil - olive oil, wheat germ, vit E, almond, (any non-petroleum oil) may be used to help stretch perineum and helps remove first baby poo's.

Extra pillows- Used for propping mother. May be covered with plastic bags to avoid stains.

Towels/washcloths 3-6 of each for washing mother and baby after the birth. Bag and label.

Clean nightgowns - one for labor and one that opens in the front for nursing if you like.

Jog bras, bathing suit tops etc. for water tub births.

Perineal compresses - 2 dozen wash cloths or cotton flannel or old towel pieces 8"x8". Pre-washed and place in labeled bag. Used if not a water birth. Always good for baby after birth.

Hot water Bottle or Rice Sock - can be used for back pressure, entering pains, cramps after pains.

Chamber pot or other container - This is for vomit or whatever.

Flashlight - With spare batteries.

Lip moisturizer.

Nourishing food - It is best for the laboring woman to stick to foods that are easy to digest such as yogurt, juices, soups, breads, protein or electrolyte drinks. Helpers however are subject to hunger. It is a good idea to have some food prepared and frozen ahead of time. Try to have supplies on hand to prepare quick meals for everyone and for the mother after the birth.

Fruit Juices and herbal teas - these are good to drink during the labor and after the birth. Some women find red raspberry and alfalfa tea makes labor easier and prevents hemorrhage. All fluids restore balance. Grape juice (red not white) is recommended for after the birth,, easy to digest and restores strength quickly.

Sanitary napkins - overnites or extra long for the first few days.

Receiving blankets - 6 cotton - Pre-wash so they are soft to the touch. All may be used for the birth so have some extra to use till laundry is done.

New born baby clothes, diapers, and diaper covers - wash and bag and label.

Home Birth Kit - order from your county public health department. Best to order 6 weeks in advance of due date.

Hydrogen peroxide - for cleaning up stains

Chlorophyll liquid - to restore red blood cells if needed

Arnica homeopathic tablets 30x - for bruising and swelling if needed.

If planning on a water birth;
Water Tub liner - order liner for Birth Pool in a Box Regular Pool from: preciousarrows.com OR waterbirthsolutionsstore.com OR yourwaterbirth.com


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